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Service Design to sketch between the lines

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design ITOMA project looks into all sorts of leisure (surplus, desire, blank margin, luxury etc) that may not be mandatory for a minimum standard of living.  



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ITOMA Introduction Video Clip

as of November 2023


ITOMA Project Youtube Channel

閑プロジェクトのYoutube Channel開設しました。プロジェクト内で制作したサービスコンセプト、各プロジェクト説明動画、研究プレゼンテーションなど、ご覧になることができます。

The channel offers videos of previous service designs, project introductory talks, research presentations, and many more. 

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ITOMA Project Instagram Account


The Instagram account showcases project activities such as fieldworks, design processes, daily research activities, and many more. 

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KMD Online Information Session
Featuring ITOMA (in Japanese)

February 1, 2021

KMDオンライン説明会 Featuring 閑プロジェクト

Online Course offered for free!

Explore what service design is and how it can help push your business thinking outside of its comfort zone.

English MOOC Course "Methodologies for Service Design" opening in FutureLearn, from March 8, 2021

オンライン学習コース「Methodologies for Service Design」がMOOCプラットフォームのFutureLearnで2021年3月8日より4週間、開講します。

In an era of unprecedented challenge and change for business, stability is no longer a given. In a time of sudden changes and sharp shocks, its never been more important to be able to think outside the box. On this course, you’ll learn what service design is, and how its methodologies can support business domains and entrepreneurial challenges, with a focus on cases from Japan and around. You’ll explore ideas that engage with accounting, IT, marketing, and philosophy. Ultimately, you’ll identify the markets you want to target and undertake a deep dive into your enterprise ideas, learning how you can support your team, and grow your business.


Japanese MOOC Course  "サービスデザインことはじめ" opening in FutureLearn, from September 20, 2021






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